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Nano DS (0.3nm -10 µm)
990 (0.2-500 µm)
1090 (0.04-500 µm)
1190 (0.04-2,500 µm)
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CILAS 990 uses a single laser and is well suited for routine analysis  and quality control. This cost effective analyzer works well for customers working with particles from 0.2 to 500 microns.


The 1090 is the world's only dual laser system for users analyzing particles in the sub micron range.  Particles ranging in size from 0.04 to 500 microns can be measured using the 1090 laser particle size analyzer.



The CILAS 1190 is a research grade instrument that uses three lasers to ensure the highest accuracy across the entire measurement range from 0.04 to 2,500 microns.


With over 40 years of design expertise in Laser Particle Size Analyzers, Cilas offers a wide range of products designed with your specific application in mind. Choose the model that best covers your range of particles. Regardless of which model you select, rest assured that all of our accessories and options are available.

All Cilas particle size analyzers are designed exclusively with lasers to ensure the highest accuracy, precision and reproducibility.  Our 1090 and 1190 models use a multi-laser design to extend the measurement range while maintaining the accuracy and precision you expect from a Cilas system.

Another Cilas product innovation is our unique integrated liquid and dry dispersion system. This allows the operator to switch between wet and dry modes in software.  No hardware changes are necessary and no realignment is needed when changing dispersion modes.

All Cilas laser particle size analyzers are built using our unique short cast iron baseplate design.  All optical components are permanently mounted on the baseplate, eliminating the need to ever realign the system.  A Cilas analyzer can be placed anywhere in your facility and is not restricted to a vibration-free environment.

View particle shape along with particle size using our image analysis system.  Users can obtain particle shape properties such as roundness, convexity and aspect ratio.  Particle shape information can be saved along with traditional particle size data.

Our new Dry Jet Dispersion (DJD) sampling design provides a more effective means of measuring difficult to disperse particles.  It features a mass flow regulator to efficiently disperse dry samples regardless of the sample volume.  Dry Jet Dispersion technology provides the user with superior results, improved accuracy and reproducibility.

Cilas' high-resolution detectors are used for sampling the diffraction pattern to provide accurate and reproducible results using both Fraunhofer and Mie algorithms. This guarantees full compliance with the ISO 13320 and <USP 429> standards. Cilas Laser Particle Size Analyzers are the most accurate, easy to use, rugged and versatile analyzers available anywhere.

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October 2016


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November 13 - 17, 2016


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Nov 27 - Dec 2, 2016

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